We try to follow the Golden Rule...

We try to follow the Golden Rule here at SHR, but since everyone's ideas of how they like to be treated can sometimes vary a bit, here are some ground rules and rights for boarders and haul-ins alike: 

  • Each horse boarded in the arena barn or big pastures gets his own shelf for his stuff in the arena barn feed room.  Grain baggies plainly marked may be kept here too.
  • The refrigerator is for all to use.
  • Grain cans may be stored in the barn storage room.
  • Tack trunks can be stowed in the barn storage room.
  • Each horse also gets his own saddle rack and briddle hook in the tack room.

Everyone is welcome to turn on the radio indoors.  Check before turning on the outdoor speakers - we have neighbors who we try not to offend.  First come first-serve for station choice.  If you arrive and its already on, don't change the station without asking!

  • Please sweep up after tacking up.
  • Please pick up your horse's manure even in front of or just outside the barn.
  • No fly killing spray - just repellent.  
  • Pull onto the woodchips for loading and unloading, not on the gravel.  This keeps the entry neater and less congested.
  • Visiting dogs are NOT a good idea at barns please leave them at home.  Our kitties are valuable employees and it isn't fair to let them be terrorized!  

Friends and relatives are very welcome to come along and watch, but they must sign liabilty waivers before touching any horse or going into pastures, arenas, etc.  If the friend is a minor, releases must be signed by their own parent.  It is the law. 

If your horse has a first aid emergency we will do what we can until you or the vet arrives.  We keep a fairly large inventory of medical supplies on hand but need to charge customers for all vet supplies used so we can replenish the source.  The first ten minutes of emergency care is on us, but after that we charge $40.00 per hour for labor. 

If you need us to doctor aside from regular supplement feeding there is a minimum 10.00 charge for wrapping, icing, pasting, innoculating, etc.  After ten minutes we move onto the $40.00 per hour labor charge. 

  • Feed your horse all the goodies you like, but please do not feed anyone else's.
  • Please resist the urge to walk up to and pet tied horses.  We don't want to see anyone hurt.
  • Access to hay, shavings, and vet supplies is restricted to barn personnel.  Do not help yourself.
  • Horses can be dangerous.  All riders must sign liability waivers.  All children must be supervised.  No kids under 10 can be left in the barn unaccompanied while a parent rides.
  • Please pick up your children promptly at the end of lessons.  We may have town appointments or other lessons scheduled and worry they could be hurt if left alone with the horses.  Therefore, after lesson time ends, we are no longer responsible for their well-being.
  • Everyone under 18 must wear a helmet while riding.  It is a good idea for everyone else, too.
  • Riders are welcome in the arena while lessons are being taught.  Lets all just try to be courteous and share.
  • Barn hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Inform us if you need a special exception.       
  • Guest horses are welcome for the regular $15 haul-in fee for the 1st horse, $5 for each additional.